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Cucumber Water Benefits and Recipes

Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus
Cucumber in Spanish: Pepino

I remember the first time I had cucumber and lemon water. We checked into a hotel in Oregon and there was a large urn at the front desk with cucumber and lemon floating in it. We were tired and thirsty and it was a welcome sight and delightfully refreshing.

Now whenever the garden is flourishing in cucumber, we make cucumber water at home. We don’t make it off season because organic cucumbers are too expensive. But when we have an abundant harvest, it’s a delightfully refreshing health tonic to sip on throughout the day.

First… Is Cucumber a Vegetable?

This is not a simple answer. If you’re studying for a test on horticulture you’ll need to deep dive into how a cucumber has been classified as both, a fruit and a vegetable. 1) 2)

We found the most concise summation of this answer on Wikipedia, summed up here:3)

“A cucumber is a creeping vine that bears fruits that are used as vegetables.” 

Benefits of Cucumber Water

First there’s no way you can get all of the nutritional benefits in cucumber water that you would get by just eating the cucumber, so we definitely recommend both. However we all know there’s a multitude of benefits from drinking water and staying hydrated, and most of us don’t drink enough. So that combined with the slow infusion of cucumber essence in water, is definitely beneficial and healthful, while encouraging us to drink more water.

DominikSchraudolf / Pixabay


  • Hydration
  • Weight Loss (replaces unhealthy drinks)
  • Antioxidant
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Skin health
  • Bone health

Source: 4)

Beneficial for Weight Loss

Cucumber Calories –

Cucumber is beneficial for weight loss, not only because of the high water content, but also because one full cup of cucumber is only 16 calories! That’s about 32 calories for one medium to large cucumber.

If you have a cucumber—or two—at least once each day for snack or before each meal, it will significantly reduce your hunger while filling you up on low cal, high nutrient food.

Cucumber Carbs –

Another weight loss benefit of cucumbers: low in carbs, low in calories and high in nutrients.

Eat organic cucumbers with the skin.

Cucumber Nutrition including the Peel

1 cup of cucumber with peel contains:

  • 19% vitamin K
  • 12% molybdenum
  • 5% pantothenic acid
  • 4% potassium
  • 4% phosphorus
  • 4% copper
  • 4% manganese
  • 4% vitamin C
  • 3% vitamin B1
  • 3% biotin
  • 3% magnesium

Detox Water – the Healthy Vitamin Water

For cleansing and detoxing the body, nothing is better than fresh filtered water infused with fresh foods and herbs that are nutritional and medicinal.

Instead of spending a lot of money on questionable bottled drinks, slice up some of your favorite flavored water ingredients and make your own. You can get your own infuser bottles as well.

Cucumber Water Recipes

Here are some of our favorites. We don’t measure for this. We just chop and pile in the ingredients and add water. If the water starts to diminish before it’s time to make a new batch, we just add more water to replenish.

For a family of four, we use this counter top dispensing urn. Having this out on the counter with ready access throughout the day guarantees that everyone drinks more of this uber healthy and refreshing water!


Cucumber and Lemon Water

Quantities are approximate; personalize to your to taste.

  • 2 cucumbers, sliced (more or less, depending on size)
  • 1 lemon, sliced (or 1/4 cup lemon juice)
  • 1 gallon of water

Enjoy throughout the day. If using a countertop urn like ours, be sure to keep the ice bowl filled to keep it fresh. We fill it twice during the day then again right before bedtime and like this, it can last 24-36 hours before making a new batch.


cucumber water, cuke water
Green cucumber water with lemon balm mint – image by GardensAll

Cucumber Water Recipes

Here are some of our other favorite cucumber water combinations:

  • Cucumber, Lemon Grass, Lemon Balm & Ginger
  • Cucumber, Mint and Dandelion tea bags*
  • Cucumber, Mint, Watermelon
  • Cucumber, Lime, Pineapple, Mint
  • Cucumber, Lemon & Orange (use orange wedges or a little bit of fresh-squeezed orange juice)
  • Cucumber, Cranberry, Orange
  • Cucumber, Lime, Stevia Leaves and Elderflower

*Dandelion root is known to be useful in detox teas and drinks.

When it comes to infused waters, as you can imagine, there’s no limit to what’s possible. This doesn’t even touch on some of our favorite herbal tea concoctions, such as hibiscus, blueberry and blackberry teas, with or without the fruits, so feel free to add some of those as well. 5)

fresh elderberries, cucumber water
Fresh elderberries and cucumber water. Image by

Cucumber in Spanish

Cucumber in Spanish is called Pepino, and our favorite way to eat cucumbers, besides in cucumber and lemon water is to eat them raw with lime and salt, latin American style. Yum! A healthy snack that tastes great and is naturally low in calories. Go light on the salt though!

Frozen or Dried Cucumber?

We had beaucoup cucumbers this year, so we’ve been looking for all kinds of ways to use them. Most were great, but some were too bitter. If you’ve had issues with bitter cucumber, you may find some useful information in this article.

For other ways to use up cucumber, some folks recommend freezing them, others drying cucumbers into seasoned chips. We tried both of those (you can read more from those links).

Overall, we prefer cucumber in water, salads, gazpacho, sandwiches, green juice and raw with lime and salt, and pickled, of course!

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