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Fall Photos from Around the Country

Recently, we shared some fall photos on the GardensAll Facebook page. This led to starting a growing collection of fall colors in North Carolina, our home state, as a work in progress (WIP).

Naturally, community members started sharing their fall photos as well, so we started this post to include autumn images from around the country.

In its infancy, this article has much room to grow and will likely ever be a WIP. We hope to eventually have fall photos from every state. These will be added alphabetically by state name as we get them and have time to label and upload them here.

Share Your Fall Photos?

So if you’d like to share your photos, please send with any relevant info on the location and approximate date. We like including the dates so that travelers can identify peak fall colors for travel planning. Also, confirm that it’s your photo so we can add the correct attribution.

Fall Photos

Listed Alphabetically by State (a W.I.P. – we’re just getting started)

Arizona Fall Photos

Fall in Central Arizona – The Verde River – photo by Samuel Hightower

Central Arizona along the Verde river, this morning. It is more beautiful than I have ever seen it, and it was a perfect place to be reflective. I did not fall in this time.

Fall in Central Arizona - The Verde River - photo by Samuel Hightower #FallPhotos #FallSeason #GardensAll #Shoot #Autumn #Photography
Fall in Central Arizona – The Verde River, 2020 – photo by Samuel Hightower

New Hampshire Fall Photos

Fall in New Hampshire – photo source unknown.

Laura LaChance Stubbs lives in Maine but shared this fall in New Hampshire photo found on Facebook, however she didn’t recall the source page, nor is it marked. Laura is an avid gardener, prepper, crafter and a representative for LegalShield for affordable legal service.

You can see more from Laura here where she’s making elderberry syrup.

Fall Photos - Fall in New Hampshire Photo - Autumn Images #FallPhotos #FallInNewHampshire #AutumnImages #FallColors
New Hampshire in Fall – image source unknown; please contact us if yours so we may give proper tribute.

North Carolina – Fall Photos

Since North Carolina is short north to south, and quite wide east to west from coast to mountains, there’s a long autumn season here. So depending on the elevation, fall colors can happened from late September (mountains) through mid November (coast), and all other ranges of both in between border to coast.

Here are a few photos from the central Piedmont (foothills) region of NC, also known as The Triad. We’ve started a collection of just fall colors in North Carolina in this article.

Fall colors in North Carolina #FallColorsInNorthCarolina #FallColorsNC#AutumnImages
Fall Colors in Central North Carolina in mid November – image by
Fall colors in North Carolina #FallColorsInNorthCarolina #FallColorsNC#AutumnImages
Japanese Red Maple in Fall – Central North Carolina in mid November – Image by

For a little more on fall colors in North Carolina.

Care to Share Your Fall Photos?

You can send us your favorite fall photo/s, and include:

  • Name to tribute for photo credit
  • State and general area, e.g., “central”, “eastern”, “southern”, etc., and/or town or city
  • Any additional comments you’d like to make about the photo or area
  • Your website or social link if you’d like us to include it

Wishing you beautiful fall colors and happy harvests!


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