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Flowers for Balconies for Your Special Garden Nook

Disability Doesn’t Stop This Nature Lover from Creating Beautiful Patio and Balcony Garden Sanctuaries

GardensAll community member, Lesley Cole, shares her beautiful photos and tips of flowers for balconies. What’s all the more remarkable about Lesley’s balcony garden is that she’s disabled and yet creates is all, with limited mobility from a wheelchair!

Lesley’s words are captured throughout this article in italics.

To build a spot of Paradise everywhere I go.

And indeed she has!

A One Pot Balcony Garden

At one point, as Lesley’s disability required her to move into subsidized housing, the apartment complex only allowed ONE potted plant!!

Lesley called that “soul crushing”, but, in here typical creative — and determined — survivor mode, she found a way to make the most out of even that stern limitation.

Instead, Lesley got the largest pot that would fit on her tiny 10 foot patio. She planted clematis and fit a trellis under the balcony above her with matching lavender rose, coral bell, Columbia, and alternating perennials. Later she added a lily. 

It’s surprising what can be grown from just one large flower pot with a little creativity and ingenuity!

Flowering Vine Plants Create a Beautiful Privacy Screen for Balconies and Patio Gardens

Growing a beautiful living, flowering privacy fence from just one large pot!!

Flowering Vines for Privacy-rose-clematis-canary-Image by Lesley Cole via
Flowering Vines for Privacy: rose, clematis & canary – all from ONE POT! – Image by Lesley Cole via

Chocolate Fuchsia, Yellow Calla Lily & Chartreuse Hosta

I loved experiments with chocolate fuchsia, yellow calla, and chartreuse hosta!

I loved experiments with chocolate fuchsia, yellow calla, and chartreuse hosta!
Chocolate fuchsia, yellow calla, chartreuse hosta, image by Lesley Cole via

Flowers for Balconies

Love Lies Bleeding – Amaranthus caudatus – An Edible Beauty

These amaranth flowers add graceful fuschia beauty to a balcony garden. But more than that, all amaranth plants are edible, so you can have your beauty and eat it too!

Although the flowers produce MANY seeds, (over 100,000 per plant), you would need a field of them to have enough to harvest for use in cooking as a grain. However the leaves added to salads are an easy win for this lovely balcony plant, including for fall salad greens.[1]

Amaranth is a high protein seed used like a grain, with beautiful edible flowers, leaves and even the stems and shoots. Just leave the majority of leaves intact to continue nurturing the plant.[2] [3]

Amaranth are beautiful flowers for balconies and every part of the amaranth plant is edible. Enjoy the leaves as you would spinach.

Love Lies Bleeding - Amaranthus caudatus - Flowers for Balconies - image by Lesley Cole via
Love Lies Bleeding – Amaranthus caudatus – Flowers for Balconies – image by Lesley Cole via

Daylily Flowers for Balconies

I love to buy pansy or viola to flesh out the lily pots with color and blooms while the lily trees grow.

The daylily pot stays full with its own grassy mound. I often plant a daylily that dies back in winter with a daylily that’s green all year. That way the pot has a green top on it through winter.

Potted Daylily - Flowers for Balconies - image by Lesley Cole via
Potted Daylily – Flowers for Balconies – image by Lesley Cole via

Yellow Umbrella of Turban Lily

“My all time favorite was the wonderful yellow Umbrella of Turban Lily.”

This yellow Umbrella of Turban lily are beautiful flowers for balconies. Image by Lesley Cole via

Lily – Tree Lilies

Lesley used large potted plants to help create a protective screened area for privacy for her balcony where she and her dogs could sit and enjoy the beautiful balcony and the great outdoors while still having privacy.

The amazingly large and beautiful lily tree Lilies – image by Lesley Cole via

We sit quietly on the bench hidden behind that screen of green. The lilies are astonishing in size and abundance and the sweet smell fills the entire neighborhood! No more complaints about dog smells!

Lesley and Jet - image by Lesley Cole via
Lesley and Jet, her German Shepherd service dog she trained herself – image by Lesley Cole via

Lesley’s Story of Her Next Balcony Garden Project

Finally I was able to escape city housing and move to county owned and managed senior apartment in Woodburn. Mexican migrant workers live here in Woodburn. I love it.

The management allows us to plant in the ground around our apartment patios and landscape area. The landscape is all in white flowering bushes and trees. So it allows us to run wild with color.

Fantastic work done by neighbors!

I break several rules by having a German Shepherd service dog. I can be kicked out if she scares someone. I can’t help if someone’s afraid of a German shepherd! But I can keep her calm and happy and still enjoy the patio. 

I’ve been able to negotiate a small enclosed area off the patio hidden by an evergreen shrub. Enclosed with the hex pen it gives the dogs a privacy poo area. I keep it clean and use sawdust pellets and lime to keep the scent and appearance acceptable. So being surrounded by lilies helps with happy neighbors!

About the time they get nervous about my jungle it’s time to trim them down. 😊

I can’t thank the management enough for the gift of soil we are allowed here! My Russian and Mexican neighbors are all retired farmers and are content on their patio with their own flowers and vegetables or herbs.

Creating a Private Balcony With Garden Panels, Vines and Large Flowers

I out maneuvered the no fence or chain tie out rules by setting up garden panels. It sports my need for privacy and dogs’ idea of what is their space.  

For a balcony privacy, I trained jasmine and clematis up the panels and over a small iron arbour. 

Large Potted Plants With Flowers for Natural Private Balconies

Next step was the matching pots planted with tree Lily and Canna. In winter it’s neat and trimmed to the ground. 

And by the end of spring I’m behind a jungle! The green screen makes the dogs quiet and content while pedestrians walk by on the sidewalk.

Chartreuse Genie, Petunia and Canna Lily – image by Lesley Cole via

Garden Basket Arrangements of Flowers for Balconies

Even if you don’t have a patio or balcony, a lovely garden landscape in a pot, or a single floral plant can make a big difference in any environment.

Garden Bowls are fun, beautiful and make great gifts. This flower bowl arrangement includes petunias, pansies, and caladium. Image by Lesley Cole, featured on
Garden bowl with petunia, pansy & caladium – image – Lesley Cole via

Everblooming Pots Are Great for Flowers for Balconies and Patios

I started studying the idea of everblooming pots when my apartment at the time said I can plant in pots but not in the ground.

One of my pots with chartreuse genie and white petunia and canna all in a gallon size width pot. It’s tall so the roots can grow down but it was crowded. Shows how annuals can be used over bulbs.

How to Create an Everblooming Flower Pot for Balcony, Deck or Patio

  • Lay bulbs and roots in layers according to planting depth.
  • Choose plants according to blooming season, e.g.:
    • A handful of crocus will give you earliest interest.
    • a pot of daylily can be packed with earliest bloom, spring to summer, late summer to fall.
    • add in pansies or viola and you have earliest colors all the way through to winter.

Depending on your location, some will stay green all winter and others die back to the ground.

Everblooming Pots - Flowers for Balconies - image by Lesley Cole via
Everblooming Pots – Flowers for Balconies – image by Lesley Cole via

Shade Loving Plants and Flowers for Balconies

Hosta and Day Lilies

Hosta Daylily shepherd-Jax - image by Lesley Cole via
Hostas Daylilies and Lesley’s guide dog – image by Lesley Cole via

Ferns and Hostas Are Also Edible!

A favorite for shaded spots is the low pot with hosta and fern.

Fern and Hostas add visual interest and variations of texture and leaf colors as well as flowers.

Not only are hostas beautiful balcony plants but they’re also edible! Some varieties are ferns are as well, with fern fern fiddleheads being deemed a delicacy.[4]

And we get it… most of us don’t want to go and eat our ornamental plants, we’d rather look at them! But in terms of making ends meet and knowing options, edible ornamentals is the best of both worlds. It’s good to know that there are edible ornamental plants, especially in the face of trying times such as the pandemic that world has gone through.

Ornamental plants that are also edible are a great solution for foodscaping landscaped areas. These multipurpose plants are also perfect for those who want to grow food in subdivisions with homeowner association (HOAs) restrictions that don’t allow vegetable gardens in the front or side yard, or even at all.

Shade loving hosta & fern - Flowers for Balconies - image by Lesley Cole via
Shade loving hosta & fern – Flowers for Balconies – image by Lesley Cole via

Tobacco Plant – Lovely Red Flowers for Balconies

Who knew that tobacco plants had such big beautiful and sweet smelling red flowers?!?

We didn’t, but glad to discover it! It turns out that while we all now know that smoking tobacco is bad for health, there are some health and other benefits being studied for external and garden use of tobacco leaves. From insect repellent in the garden, to relief of itchy skin applied externally, research is underway, and we look forward to learning of more proven benefits.

From pest control to soothing skin irritations and itches, it just makes sense that such a potent plant as the tobacco plant would have some positive uses and benefits.1

And of course there’s the lovely flowers for bees and other pollinators!

Flowering tobacco plant-image-Lesley Cole-via-GardensAll

Vining Plants and Arrangements

Red Rose, Purple Clematis and Yellow Canary Vine

Training red rose, purple clematis, and yellow canary vine makes an outstanding grouping.

Red rose, purple clematis, yellow canary – a floral vine arrangement – image by Lesley Cole via

Climbing Rose, Canary Vines and Basket of Flowers

I trained climbing rose with canary vines and basket of flowers.

Yellow Mandevilla Vine

Just one simple brightly colored garden accessory like this birdhouse that Lesley painted, can add visual pizazz to cap a floral balcony setting.

Mandevilla Vine and hand painted birdhouse add a contrasting bright pop of color – image by Lesley Cole via

Climbing Rose Arbor

One apartment I moved into had roses that “never bloom.” They were climbing roses, so I “played” with them. A few years later I had this beautiful braided rose arbour over my patio with red chairs.

Patio Garden Decor – Simple Touches Add Up

Bird Cage and Birdhouses

Just a few plants placed in and around a bird cage, plus a couple of birdhouses turn this small patio into a garden scene.

A birdcage & birdhouses turn a few plants into a garden scene – image by Lesley Cole via

Create a Gardenscape Corner on a Balcony or Patio by Adding a Tiny Birdhouse

More tiny birdhouse decor amongst big beautiful lilies for an artistic flare to a corner of a patio.

Secondhand Finds for Creative Gardenscaping a Patio or Balcony

Japanese Lamp Shade adds a Rustic Zen Touch

Using old things for new effects can add attractive features in balcony gardens. This old throw away lamp shade creates Japanese garden effect displayed over lilies.

Old lamp shade creates Japanese garden effect for lilies – Lesley Cole image via

Old Urn Adds a Folksie Touch

Second hand finds add color and interest to small patio gardens like this country urn amidst asparagus fern and petunias.

An old urn as backdrop for asparagus fern and petunias – image by Lesley Cole via

Shop Yard Sales and Flea Markets for Second Hand Finds for Garden Decor

You just need a piece or two of something with bright color or unique shape or design, or something folksy to really uplift a garden spot.

Like this colorful wave serving platter under a plant, or the artsy ceramic kitty visible under the glass table. Use old metal patio chairs sanded and painted with bright colored paint and you have a cheerful

“My love of red and yellow show up here. This is all second hand finds and a mixed pot of blooms. A favorite sitting area for coffee break.”

A colorful wave plate & ceramic kitty under glass table add artsy flare to this balcony garden decor-image by Lesley Cole via

Winter Patio Garden

Here Lesley’s use of tall giant bamboo look pots and wrought iron panels adds a lovely ambience.

The heart and crystal suncatchers on the post add whimsy and artistic flare, as does the metal horse and bright red table that compliments the red pot. The long legs of the horse reflect the tall bamboo-like pots.

An elegant winter patio – image by Lesley Cole via

Patio Garden “Rooms”

Transform a tiny patio into a garden room - image by Lesley Cole via
Patio garden room – image by Lesley Cole via

Lesley’s Health Challenges

People naturally want to know what happened to Lesley’s health for her life to have changed so dramatically so here’s a little bit of that story.

Lesley’s Story

I had a cyst wrap around my spinal cord and block it off.  Took spinal cord surgeries and tho everything works it’s cut signal so much that I’m getting weaker and weaker and resulting in damages to the entire nervous system.  So I’m able to stand and climb into the tub or bed but can’t vacuum or cook, etc.

I have put my brain hand to work daily practicing intricate work by using paint by number. 

I got a German Shepherd pup so I would be forced to do that bend and scoop and strengthen arms..

I have trained dogs for 40+ years so identifying a training strategy from a wheelchair was just another interesting effort.

I refuse to let myself fall into the poor me trap.

From Farming and Animal Husbandry to Disability

As my life was spent in organic gardening, living off the land, soil studies and extensive animal husbandry, I really miss that!

Being forced to take government sponsored apartments was my worst downer.

I rented an old apartment in Salem. They didn’t even water the end I rented. I got a two bedroom apartment by taking that end and across the fence from a Mexican dance bar! LOL.

Eventually by working with a manager I was able — pot by pot — to wrap the end of the apartment complex in a glorious garden with two sitting areas and just loved it! Also the neighbors began hanging pots of flowers as well. We became a little village.

Bring beauty everywhere you go and you’ll always have beauty. Same for love. They go hand-in-hand, for gardeners lovingly bring beauty to life.
~LeAura Alderson, co-owner,

What Could Be More Pleasing to God?

Having a crushing car accident stopped me from handling the larger garden pots but you can build any size starting with one pot at a time.

Gardening takes all the strength and effort I have but I’ve set the task of watering one bucket at a time! I sit with my coffee and dogs and enjoy each step. Then I get to enjoy the fruits of my labour and it all pays off with a glorious way to just sit and relax.

I have people say why are you putting money into the ground of a RENTAL? I explain that I want my own piece of paradise. Leaving it behind and starting over each time I have to move is ok with me.

I’m leaving a spot of everblooming paradise behind me everywhere I go… what could be more pleasing to God?
~Lesley Cole, on growing flowers even as a renter

Jet-service dog-garden balcony-oasis-image by Lesley Cole via
Lesley’s service dog, Jet, enjoying their garden balcony oasis – image by Lesley Cole via


We’re so inspired by Lesley’s resilience and resourcefulness, and her ethic of bringing beauty everywhere. Imagine if more people did that, what a wonderful world this will be.

Meanwhile, we can do our part, as Lesley is, beginning with our little slice of paradise, be that 10 acres or one balcony, or one plant in an apartment, there’s something beautiful we can grow.

We still have more to share on Lesley’s flowers for balconies, so we’ll repost this on all the socials with new additions over time.

Meanwhile, we agree with Lesley’s motto:

To build a spot of Paradise everywhere I go.
~Lesley Cole, gardener, service dog trainer

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And indeed she has! Well done, Lesley Cole, and thank you for sharing your beautiful plant photos with us!

Apartment patio garden – image by Lesley Cole via

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