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Pyramid Planters – 3x the Food in 4 Feet of Space

Vertical Gardening for More Yield in Less Space

What about a living salad bar or strawberry patch right on your deck or patio? We love the idea of plant tower gardens such as this cool pyramid planter, where you can grow up to three times the food in just four feet of space!

This could be a Saturday project for a handyman gardener!

We have a Nancy Jane 3-tiered planter. In spring we plant strawberries in it. In winter we’re growing microgreens for salads. They didn’t do that great first season, so we’ll shift to trays for some things. The tower concept just didn’t get enough sun to all sides well enough without constant rotation.

We like it, however, with any of these tower units, whether you’re a DIYer and can build your own, or you buy one, it’s important to know that for using indoors, they may need more than just window light.

The height of plant towers tends to block the light, so like tall buildings in a city, half of the growing areas are often shaded by the tower itself. Of course we turn it daily, but for the plants, it’s just not the same. They’re always straining to the light versus growing straight up.

So, plant towers can work indoors or out, but are best under grow lights or outdoors under full sun. Even outdoors you’ll want to give them a 1/3 turn each day if it’s a tall 3-sided tower. Or, as they recommend in the video on pyramid planters on the next page, face one corner toward the north and all sides will receive relatively equal sun.

Originally invented for folks with limited growing space, plant towers such as this beautiful pyramid planter can be placed in all sorts of locations. They significantly increasing your growing area, provide easier access for those with back or knee issues, or in wheelchairs, while adding an interesting architectural feature to your yard, patio or even indoors.

You can buy them on Amazon… OR…

…build your own!

We’ve included a video on the next page for a closer look, followed by a simpler, inexpensive DIY for your summer garden planter on the last page. Super cool… simple and lovely!

Get Ideas from this Done for You Kit

We really enjoyed seeing this video of how beautifully constructed and easy it is to assemble this pyramid plant tower. You will smile at how they “drop” the shelves on and for you DIYers, it will give you some ideas.

There used to be one on wheels on Amazon, but it’s out of stock as of this writing, and didn’t get good reviews, so they may remove it soon. We’re leaving that link for now though, because if you’re making one, you might get ideas from it. To place any planter on wheels is especially helpful for decks and patios for keeping the patio and decking protected as well as the ability to rotate the planter for optimum sun exposure to all sides, when it’s a tower planter.

We especially like the idea of using these for growing a “salad bar garden”, for daily harvesting of fresh leaves right outside the kitchen door.

Here’s the trailer for the Triolife Vertical Garden.

For more ideas and an even simpler DIY pyramid planter, visit the next page.

Plant Pyramid

The Triolife Plant Pyramid (pictured here on Amazon), is a new concept in home gardening that allows you to plant any type of garden in a small space by growing vertically! Its patented design allows your garden’s root system to take advantage of a large soil volume to ensure maximum growth for all of your plants. Plus when you point one corner of your Triolife Plant Pyramid north it will ensure all sides get sun.

The design of the Triolife free-standing vertical garden is very practical for urban or city gardening. You can grow herbs, veggies or ornamental flowers almost anywhere! There are no tools required and assembly can be completed within 5 minutes. Each Triolife is made of high quality Western Red Cedar to ensure that your Plant Pyramid is not only beautiful, but durable as well.

The 3 shelf Triolife plant pyramid is the ideal size for a patio garden. Offering nearly 15 sq.ft. of garden area in only 4.2 sq ft of space, the Triolife level 3 dimensions are 35″L x 35″W x 24″H.

The 5 shelf Triolife plant pyramid can fit perfectly in backyards, on decks and on patios while making a great home to a large amount of plants. Offering 36 sq. ft. of garden area in only 6.5 sq. ft. of space and dimensions of 47″ x 47″ x 47″.

The Triolife Plant Pyramid was designed in Europe to respond to the needs of smaller backyards and limited garden space. Plus, since your garden is now vertical, it’s easier to plant and harvest without requiring so much bending down.[1]

A Different Kind of Salad Bar…

We’re dreaming of a salad pyramid… where we can go straight to the pyramid with our salad bowl and snip the delectables right into our bowl!

…A Living Salad Bar

If you want to see another example of an amazing plant tower and composter combination, (we calculate it will pay for itself in about four months in our family salad fans).

If you have—or have made—one of these, please let us know by commenting below or visit and comment on our Facebook page. We’d love to see it!

Meanwhile, if you enjoyed this topic you may also enjoy this article on a composting plant tower.

Reportedly, you can have this DIY pyramid planter up in a few hours. If you do it, please let us know and post your picture on our Facebook page! It’s exciting to see what folks are inventing and creating in the garden and home space. So much creativity and ingenuity!

Happy Planting!


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