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What do Toads Eat in the Garden?

And What do Frogs Eat? Is it the same?

We love seeing frogs, toads and turtles in and around our yard and garden. In fact, we even have a frog, toad and turtle relocation plan. Whenever we see these amphibians and turtles in or around our property, especially when they’re in the road, we move them to our garden and plant areas where they’ll find lots of food while serving our garden by eating garden pests. But… what do toads eat? What do frogs eat, and is it the same as a toad’s diet?

Toads and frogs are both carnivores, that eat insects, worms and other types of live prey. Baby toads eat the tiniest version of insects, such as gnats flies and ants.

Frogs and toads both consume live prey.

“Love it when I find cute and beneficial garden guests.” Image by Jackie Henry


A Toad’s Diet – What Toads Eat

Toads consume a diverse diet of live creatures. Whatever small critter moves past the patiently waiting, well camouflaged amphibian, is usually fair game. When it comes to some of the bigger prey on this list, naturally these would be the small and tiny versions of these creatures… whatever the toad can fit into it’s mouth.1)

So this list of toad foods is relative to the size of the toad. Small toads and frogs will eat the smaller insects and bugs and larger ones can eat those plus the larger fare.

A toad can eat whatever it can fit into it’s mouth.


Cane toads

Lizards (small)

Roly Polys

So as you can see, toads are not very particular about what they put in their mouths. AND… you can see why they’re beneficial to have in your yard and garden!

That does mean that they may eat some of your beneficial bugs, but overall, we think they do more good than harm.

Do Frogs and Toads Eat Mosquitos?

When it comes to mosquito control, while toads and frogs don’t typically eat mosquitos, there are three species of North American tadpoles that feed on mosquito larvae:

  • Spade foot toad
  • Green tree frog
  • Giant tree frog

So if you live in or around any body of water and have mosquito problems, you might consider these natural mosquito population control aids.

Toad vs Frog

If you get confused over which are frogs and which are toads, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It turns out that there’s not much difference between the two, and even biologists have conflicting opinions as to the differences between frogs and toads. Both are amphibians, eat similar foods and can even have similar skin.


Toad vs Frog – toads generally have dryer, bumpier skin, shorter legs and a wider body.


  1. Amphibians
  2. Born from eggs laid in lines in or around water
  3. Typically have dry bumpy skin
  4. Can also have smooth mucilaginous skin like frogs can
  5. Prefer dryer environments and live amongst tall grasses and plants
  6. Tend to have wider bodies and shorter leg


  1. Amphibians
  2. Born from eggs laid in clusters in or around water
  3. Often have mucilaginous smooth skin
  4. Can also have dryer bumpier skin like toads
  5. Prefer humid environments and live in and around water
  6. Tend to have more narrow bodies and longer legs with more webbed feet

When it comes to what frogs and toads eat, they wait for their meals to come to them. They’re opportunists who wait and eat most of whatever passes their way as they sit still as a stone, and wait.

Now… if you want a good laugh break, we all got a huge chuckle out of this video of feeding time for two toads, which—as the caption says—is surprisingly funny! You may enjoy give each its own character and voice.



Toads and frogs are both carnivores, that eat insects, worms and other types of live prey. Baby toads eat the tiniest version of insects, such as gnats flies and ants.


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