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What to do with that old swimming pool?

Do you have an old swimming pool that’s no longer being used for swimming?

Even if you don’t have one, if you’re a gardener, you’ll likely enjoy this video stroll through a backyard transformation of an old unused swimming pool into and garden oasis.

We don’t have a pool and we’re not planning on doing backyard aquaponics anytime soon, but we were fascinated by this concept. So if you’re a gardener, whether or not you have any interest in setting up backyard aquaponics, you’ll like enjoy viewing this schematic and video tour through a sustainable pool garden.

The cost to fill in a swimming pool or remove it, is high. But if you have an old pool no longer in use, that’s the perfect size for a garden.  What if you could use that pool to provide you with fresh food 365 days a year?

One family in Arizona did just that. The turned their out-of use pool into a backyard aquaponics garden… a closed loop food production system. This worked so well, that original project is now a non-profit organization bringing this system to the world!

Transform an old Swimming pool into food production 365 days of the year!

Turn old swimming pool into a aquaponic Garden of Eden.
The Garden Pool System – design and image by

Photo source: Garden Pool1) combines solar power, water conservation, poultry farming, aquaculture, and more to convert water-intensive swimming pools into a food oasis.

If you find it hard to imagine what these Garden Pools look like on the inside, enjoy this video tour. You’ll see a miniature self-sufficient ecosystem.

Super cool, right? It’s wonderful to see more examples of what’s possible. For much more on this, you can visit

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