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Best Picnic Tables for Summer Fun

Few things say summer like picnic tables and picnics.

Picnic tables are a slice of American summer nostalgia, topped with plates of grilled hot dogs, hamburgers—with all the toppings—potato salad and watermelon.

There’s just something about a picnic table that invites a hangout.

Perhaps it’s the memories… perhaps it’s how the backless bench seat invites one to lean into the book…. conversation… game… or meal and immerse in communion with family and friends. Whatever the reason…

We all love picnic tables!

Shortcut: Picnic Table Kit

If you’re good with tools and a saw and have a few hours, you can probably make your own in a day. There are handy picnic table plans, and video tutorials readily available online. There are also ready-to-make picnic table kits you can buy, and all you need to add is the lumber. So if you have a table saw and some lumber, add in this kit and you’ll have a sturdy picnic table put together in no time.

Caution: Wood tables will typical warp if left to the elements. We built one using a kit and the boards in it certainly have warped. So the polyethylene tables hold up better and are much easier to wipe clean. So really it’s a matter of cost and/or preference.

If you’re inclined to build your own with a kit, we recommend faxing your materials list to your local home store, (unless you have good lumber on hand). Ask them to price it out for you. Then, if you decide it’s a good price and worth the dollars it will save you, you can even ask them to pull the order for you, so it’s ready and waiting when you go to pick it up.

The #2 ranked best selling adult picnic table.

diy picnic table
Picnic table kit on Amazon by 2×4 Basics.


No Truck? No Problem!

If you don’t have a pickup truck, the idea of going to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s to pick up a picnic table, is not so simple. Sure, they typically offer delivery services, however that also adds to your cost.

Home Depot charges between $59-$79 for delivery. The good news is that it’s the same fee no matter how much you’ve ordered. So if you need a few other big items, that’s the time to get them all at the same time if you can.

Free Delivery

There’s another option we’re using more and more these days. Amazon Prime. We’ve gotten our prime membership fee back many times over in the free shipping fees for fast delivery that’s a part of the Amazon Prime program.

Just make sure that the items you’re ordering say on the product listing, “Amazon Prime”. They make it easy by placing the AP logo where it’s easy to see.

Here’s the thing: even if you have a pickup truck, as we do, you’ll still need to load it in your truck at the store, then offload it again at home. If you’re strong and healthy and/or have some help at home, that’s not a problem. But if not, you can save a lot of time and backache by having the delivery truck drivers drop off your order in the best spot for you.

So if you’re interested in possibly ordering a picnic table through Amazon, we’re listing the top selling outdoor tables that have the best reviews and also offer free shipping through Amazon Prime.

The biggest disadvantage to shipping is if there’s any issue that requires a return. However it’s always advisable to save the box, and if you do have an issue that warrants a return, it’s still saves time to package it back up and call UPS for a pickup than to drive load it and drive it back to the home store yourself, unless you live really close to one.


Best Seller Picnic Tables on Amazon with Free Shipping

Folding Picnic Table by Lifetime

Number 1 ranked adult picnic table.

Lifetime brand picnic table
Number 1 selling full size picnic table available on Amazon with free shipping.

This lightweight but sturdy polyethylene table folds for easy storage, off season, is comfortable and easy to clean.

Available in three colors: white, putty or hunter green, which is approximately $40 more expensive than the other two.

This table comes with an umbrella hole in the center, which is a really good idea if your table will be in an area with a lot of sun. Not sure why the umbrellas are sold separately from the umbrella stand base, but that’s the way it is, so if you’re going for the umbrella, you’ll also need to stand, unless you have a bucket of sand handy. Just scroll to the bottom of the page under the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section.

#3 ranked best seller of all picnic tables on Amazon is also by Lifetime brands.


Wood Picnic Table

This is the #1 selling full sized wood picnic table.

It’s really nice but more expensive, and isn’t on Prime shipping. However, the company claims that shipping is free.

Reviews say that for best results, do not leave out in full sun unless you don’t mind the graying weathered look versus the stained wood appearance. Also, wood table boards can warp and “curl” if left exposed to the elements.

For this reason, we’re choosing the number one ranked polyethylene table posted above.


Commercial Picnic Table

These are not available with Amazon Prime for free shipping, however for your information, should you need a really sturdy table, the top seller on Amazon is $660 plus shipping, with no reviews to date.


Kids Picnic Table

#1 ranked best seller of all picnic tables.

Yep, this kids table is actually the number one seller of all picnic tables on Amazon. Another Lifetime table, it’s super cool for indoor projects and outdoor; easy to clean and perfect for picnics or projects.

kids table, kid picnic table
Kids picnic table by Lifetime brands, perfect for indoor and outdoor kids table.

Okay! That’s a wrap! (Or… a picnic!) ?

Please let us know what you choose!

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