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Staking Tomatoes with Biodegradable Jute Twine and a Little Pruning

We’ve been too busy gardening in between wrestling tech tigers to write much on this, but you know the saying: “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” So… maybe a video is worth 10,000 or so, when it comes to sharing about staking tomatoes. 🤔

Our approach to tomato growing has shifted. We have adopted a method used by commercial growers. It’s what we call the “string method”.

JEEM Farms commercially grown tomatoes, Mt. Airy, NC, using the single string method for staking tomatoes.

Our set up is much simpler but the main methods apply:

  • Support the tomato using a taut vertical strand of material (jute)
  • Tie or clip plant at the low end; wrap string around the stem as it grows
  • Adjust (tighten) the tension to keep plant upright as it grows
  • Prune side stems up to one of two leaf stems above first set of tomato blossoms
  • Keep suckers pruned

Part 1: Staking and Pruning Tomatoes with Jute Twine

For 2019 staking, we’re using the string method.

Part 2: Staking Tomatoes with Jute Twine

In this video you’ll see the advance growth of the tomatoes and plants as compared to the previous month.

Staking Tomatoes Using the Florida Weave Method

This is the tomato staking method we used last year. It worked well, though it was a little harder to maintain than the string method in the videos above.

For more on growing tomatoes, you may enjoy this article on colored tomatoes.

Let’s keep on growing!


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