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Growing Year Round in Wisconsin

WHAT?! One million pounds of food on just three acres?! Wow! Now that’s production… and it’s what one organization has discovered possible with a year round greenhouse… even in the long winters of Wisconsin.

If you haven’t yet heard of Growing Power, the non-profit food production organization, you will want to. The history, education and success of this program is inspiring and hopeful for cities—and families—around the world.

Now for those who are looking to take their land into growing for earning, as with many things in nature, one thing can produce so much more. One seed can produce many fruits… many vegetables, and one hydroponic farm can produce more than fish and vegetables.


Growing Power’s worms are an example of a successful byproduct of the farm. Their worms can produce about 100,000 pounds of castings in four months. At the time of the recording of the third video (which is hard to hear), the price for castings was $2-$4 per pound. So… let’s split the difference and say that would be $300,000 every four months from worm castings, or… $900,000 per year, gross, just in worm castings.

WOW! Now you could live on that, right?! Even after expenses and taxes, that’s probably a very decent living and it doesn’t even touch the revenue that could be generated from the food and fish… or the money saved in feeding your family.

Editor’s Note: Of course you’d need to check the market in your area for supply and demand plus price, and not rely on these informal reporting of numbers for your business plan. But… it does sound very promising with lots of potential!!

We’re including three of the videos here because there are tidbits in each one that may not be in the others. For example, in this first video, Growing Power employee, Jordan Stone, explains a little bit more about how the system works than you may see in some of the others, plus the sound is much better.


Growing Power founder, Will Allen has sure made his 3 acres productive! 1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish and 500 yards compost. Plus… worm castings!

In this next video, Will talks about how much they’re growing and how the non-profit,Growing Power is the largest producer of food in Milwaukee, by growing food year round. You’ll also see how they’ve taken 3,000 square feet of space and are able to grow 4,500 square feet of space by going vertical.

In this third video, as they’re lined up here, Will Allen explains the system. It’s a roughly filmed and sporadic sound quality amidst the noise, but we wanted to include it so you could hear the important details. Here’s where he speaks about the 100,000 pounds of worm castings per every four months.

As an aside, we also see in this video at around 6:38 minutes, a homegrown remedy for getting rid of slugs.

Impressive, right?! We hope this has given you some ideas of what’s possible for you on your land. Let us know if you’re already doing anything like this, or end up doing it. We love to hear your stories, so visit our Facebook page and comment.
Hats off to visionary found of Growing Power, Will Allen for this amazing success story!1)

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