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Milorganite Organic Fertilizer for Green Gardens and Lawns

The US Nation’s Largest Recycling Program

Earth Day

We use Milorganite fertilizer, so we thought we’d share this with you.

The origin of Earth Day, coincidentally, is home to the world’s longest-running and nation’s largest recycling program: Milorganite.

But Earth Day and Milorganite have more than Milwaukee in common. They’re both about turning waste into something better.

It’s remarkable to consider that Milorganite is 90 years old this year. Milorganite, produced by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s (MMSD) is an organic-nitrogen fertilizer. That’s the result of some early adapter, long-range ecological thinking.

Nutrients are reclaimed from wastewater using large-scale processes that mimic nature.

Through research conducted in the early 1900s it was found that the resulting product was useful as a fertilizer and safe to use on lawns and gardens. “It’s a form of recycling we normally wouldn’t think about,” said Milorganite Director of Marketing, Jeff Spence.

“This year Milorganite is celebrating its 90th anniversary of commercial production. We’re proud to have been stewards of the environment long before it was even a concept. Here we’ve been doing it for nine decades.”

In the nine decades nearly 9.8 billion pounds of nutrient-rich material has been diverted from landfill to re-use.

“In recognizing Earth Day and participating in activities that promote a cleaner environment, we should also remember how bad things were more than 100 years ago.

In the early 1900s, Milwaukee’s waterways were essentially open sewers.

Milwaukee Skyline
Milwaukee Skyline

Fertilizer Without Harm

We’re featuring Milorganite in this Earth Day article—and as a GardensAll sponsor—because we use the Milo fertilizer for our garden and for deer deterrent, which is how we heard about it.1)

We first heard about Milorganite from an old-timer at our local feed-and-seed store, when he said that’s what he used as a deer repellent. So we looked into it further and discovered that it was actually a fertilizer that happened to help deter deer.

A Government Agency that Produces Product, Solutions and Revenue

We really like that Milorganite was created by a government agency trying to find a positive solution to a potentially negative situation. It’s encouraging how the conception of this idea created a solution that created more solutions:

Milorganite cleans up waste and converts it to something useful.

Since 1926, Milorganite has been helping to maintain your lawn and garden without harm to the environment. Even better, while helping to keep the Milwaukee environment cleaner for Wisconsin residents and all others downstream from there, by supplying organic nitrogen fertilizer for professional and residential use. And no, Milorganite is not “sludge”, but rather the heat sterilized micro-organisms that clean sludge.

Milorganite says: “While revenue generated through the sale of Milorganite products does not make up for the entire cost to produce and market it, our belief in beneficial reuse and recycling makes producing our value added products the clear choice.”

For more information on Milorganite and for lawn care tips, visit this article. You can purchase Milorganite fertilizer from local home stores as well as online from Amazon, some include free shipping through Amazon Prime, where you can have it delivered to your door for free! #WorthIt!

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We also use Milorganite for deer repellent! That’s an organic fertilizer with benefits!

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