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Vertical Garden Tower and Composter for Indoors or Outdoors

We love the idea of the Vertical Garden Tower and Composter for indoor growing in winter, and on the deck or patio for summer to keep herbs and microgreens at hand year round. This provides the most plants in the smallest space – any type of space as long as you get the sun or provide artificial light.

Now this incredible Garden Tower has been improved to really maximize growing ability in a small space with an ecological nutrient recycling system. It’s extraordinarily easy to use. Check the video on the next page to see what it is capable of doing plus read below.

Problems with Plant Towers

We’ve experimented with another type of plant tower and have some important tips on that. We ordered the Nancy Susan 3 tier to try indoors in late winter for growing microgreens. Well, we discovered that the challenge in plant towers is how their height casts shadows on the side away from the window.

So if you’re going to do well with indoor towers, you’ll probably need a large overhead grow light.1) It will probably work fine to have a grow light that catches the side of the tower away from the window, though you still may need to rotate the planter to provide more even growth. These will likely also need rotating outside as well, so just be aware and ready for that.

Plant Towers: Pricey but Worth it?

We’ve figured that for our family, a grow tower will pay for itself in about four months by savings in grocery purchases. After that… it’s all positive net savings. We haven’t put this plant tower through the real life field test yet, but when we do we’ll post an update here. Meanwhile, one member of the Gardens All Facebook community shared her photos of their two Plant Towers indicating she’s going to buy another this season.

You can get smaller, less expensive towers for less than half this, but they don’t have the added feature of composting system and compost “tea” tray that can then be used to add to your garden as well as for watering the plants in this tower. So while it’s a bigger investment up front, in just a few months you will be saving on groceries and on fertilizers.

OR, if you’re good with building things, you can create your own! Some in the Gardens All community have already done that successfully, and we’ve included some how-to videos below.

Planters in Use by Gardens All Facebook Community Member

And, here’s the comment and photos from a GardensAll Facebook community member, Lynda Reynolds, followed by photos of hers in use in her garden, beginning with the top image of this article:
“I have 2…version one and then two. I love them and plan on getting two more…even though I have 16- 4X16 raised beds the towers are fun and very productive.”




Next, the new garden tower powering a fresh food revolution.

The New Garden Tower – Powering a Fresh Food Revolution

by Garden Tower Project

  • Growing 50 plants in just 4 square feet of space
  • Using food scraps to power the integrated vermi-composting nutrient delivery system (the core of every Garden Tower)
  • Harvesting the freshest, most nutritious veggies, fruits, & herbs
  • Avoiding herbicides, pesticides, and other contaminants
  • Having their own ‘garden’ in places it wasn’t possible before
  • Enjoying better success and vastly reduced water use in hot climates and longer growing seasons in cold regions
  • Reducing their grocery bill, food waste, and trash!
  • Employing the Garden Tower as a powerful component in education programs about food, gardening, and ecological processes
  • Gardening with ease — for fun, for food, and for life!
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.10.18 PM
Vertical Composting Garden Tower

This ingenious Vertical Composting Garden Tower started as a highly successful Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded in just 33 minutes!! Wow! Confirmation of a good idea!

BUT… if you don’t want to buy one, there’s info and videos on how-to build your own on the following pages.

Here’s How it Works…

If you’re a handy DIYer, keep reading to see how this composting plant tower works and then how to build your own!

In this first video, John Kohler from, shows us how to assemble the Garden Tower. In it he covers how to make a nutritious potting soil for your plants, fill and plant out the Garden Tower plus add red wiggler composting worms.


Grow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden



The Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm

by Garden Tower Project

This animation demonstrates how the Garden Tower works and what it’s capable of offering. Find out more at Grow Tower Project.

Build Your Own Garden Tower

If you want to try building your own – Check out the videos below.

The first video was inspired by grow barrels built by Half Pint Homestead.

Around the Home: #2 Making a Garden Barrel

Showing the technique used for the thick walled barrel.

Building a Grow Tower (part 1)

By The Self Sufficient Life


Part 2 – Homemade Grow Tower

Here’s another article on vertical growing that may interest you.3)


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