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Wall Planters Maximize Growing Space Indoors and Out

Here a garden, there a garden, everywhere a garden-garden!

These days people of all generations, especially millennials and urbanites—as the fastest growing segment—are into growing their own food. We hear from folks regularly, who are interested in beginning gardening, who’ve just gotten started, or who are long-time gardeners. Most are steadily increasing their garden spaces.

A study conducted by the National Gardening Association on growth in gardening, confirms that. Gardening is a growing interest and a growing industry.

35% of all US households (42 million), participated in food gardening in 2013, an overall increase of 17% in only 5 years.

Food gardening in the US increased by 17% between 2007 and 2013. (Yeah… it’s a bit behind; these gov studies don’t happen often and take awhile to compile). [1]

It’s inspiring and gratifying to see so many creative ideas and a burgeoning market of new products that help people garden, even when they don’t have space. Today there are all kinds of plant towers, pyramid garden planters, vertical wall hangers, and other creative ways to grow plants and food even in limited space, such as these colorful pots that can hang from a fence or railing.

No space? No problem! Grow Up!

Use Wall Planters to Create a Vertical Garden!

Everyone has walls. So, even if you don’t have the land space, if you have walls, you can still garden by going vertical with wall planters. Also called “living walls”, “vertical Gardens and “wall Garden”, there are lots of options for just about every scenario and here we cover several styles of wall planters.

We love the “living walls” seen in the feature image that was installed in a large corporate buildings. What a difference it makes to have lovely living greenery, not just for the beauty, but also for how it improves the quality of the air and adds a living vibrancy that just makes for a healthier indoor environment.

Even if you have a garden, you can still add a wall garden, but these are especially useful for people who don’t have the land space to grow in beds. This image isn’t great… something we found online ages ago and it didn’t give tribute to the source, but we love the concept of such a flourishing plant wall using the vertical wall pocket kind of growing system such as these on Amazon.

Space Saving Wall Gardens

There are many advantages to wall gardens. If you want to garden but don’t have space, this may be for you. For wall gardens you can use any wall, fence, stand or rack. The concept is about going up instead of spreading out.

Imagine going to the wall instead of the store.

Wall gardens are also for those green thumbs out there who buy and propagate plants everywhere. You know… the gardeners who always have some kind of clippings rooting in water and some kind of plant growing in a cup, or can or shoe. Know anyone like that…??

Some designers have created two sided plant walls as room dividers. What if… in building or renovating your home, you framed out a wall, such as between your kitchen and dining room, and made the upper half of the wall an herb and salad garden…? Now THAT would be super cool!

Advantages of Wall Planters

  1. Everybody has a wall
  2. Can use an indoor wall our exterior wall
  3. Easier to plant
  4. Easier to harvest
  5. No weeds or weeding
  6. Great for people with bad back or bad knees who still want to garden
  7. Beautifies and freshens your environment with living art
  8. Decorates your home or office with vibrant color and beauty
  9. Saves money on food bills
  10. Provides healthy organic fresh and nutritious food

Wall planters can be labor intensive to set up and maintain, and have to be very carefully constructed so as not to drip or leak water. The pocket wall planters need to be waterproof, but more than that, even if waterproof, just the fact or wet or damp soil and plants presses against a wall can cause mildew over time.

Disadvantages of Wall Planters

  1. Initial construction and installation challenges
  2. Water management issues: moisture and drainage
  3. Adding, tending and maintaining plants can be messy
  4. Lighting usually needs to be added, which adds additional installation and maintenance costs

In this first video is the first kind of wall garden using a special wall pocket system. There are several companies making vertical systems but this one in the video by Vertical Gardens USA looks the best to us (and we don’t get any compensation for saying so!), but please let us know your favorites.[2]

Here’s the Vertical Garden USA system in the video below. We enjoyed learning from it.

The next vertical garden system is super cool and would be an awesome project to see in all schools around the world!

Bottle Wall Planters Using Recycled Bottles

This one looks like a lot of work, and many people won’t want to use plastic. But it can be a great school gardening project for kids and a beneficial way to recycle plastic bottles.

Wall gardens can be installed against the wall of a house or along a hedge or a fence, and can be made to be virtually any size in height, width and design. It is a method applicable anywhere on earth, both in rural and in urban areas.

Just imagine schools around the world building wall gardens using recycled bottles. A solution to a number of issues plus inspiration and lessons on many levels.

Enjoy this school project wall garden.

Isn’t that super cool?

And the third video is for the handyman or handywoman DIYer – do-it-yourselfer, and could be a great weekend project.

Do You Love DIY Projects? Build Your Own Plant Wall

If you love weekend DIY projects and have a little extra space for a portable Plant Wall Shelf, you will enjoy this cool how to video by Jim Cunneen. In just 10 minutes you’ll l

You may also enjoy this vertical garden article, and this gutter garden, or this tower planter if you want a large composting tower, or this smaller one if you just don’t have the space.

A Few More Vertical Gardening Ideas

Do you want more? Here are a few other examples of gardening vertically with wall planters.

This 10 minute video below is good for interesting ideas of various ways to create vertical gardens. Most popular use seems to be for herbs, and I always enjoy the British accent!

Next, vertical pallet planters photos followed by a how-to video for using pallets as garden planters.

Vertical Pallet Garden

shutterstock_146876147 (1)
Quick and easy vertical pallet garden.
Outdoor wall art planters

Next is a how-to video for creating a beautiful vertical pallet garden using the pallet framework for a decorative garden and an edible vertical garden!

WARNING: Do not use ‘chemically’ treated wood pallets for food growing. Use only ‘untreated’ or ‘heat’ treated pallets.  Most pallets in the USA have been heat-treated for foreign pests, the symbol is “IPPC” and are safe.

Check out this great how-to video with Chef Janie and Happy Gardening!

Building a Vertical Pallet Garden

With chef Janie Pendleton

Please let us know how you liked it and if you create—or already have—a wall garden, we’d love to hear about it. You can send us an email or post on the Gardens All Facebook page.


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