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10 Creative and Practical Uses for Tomato Cages

Tomato Cages are not Just for Tomatoes!

Whether you’re making your own, or buying them ready made, tomato cages can be put to good use for more than just supporting those precious tomato plants!

Alternative Uses for Tomato Cagesplant-stand-043014

Excerpted from BestPlants.com1) and other sources as footnoted.

Grow Other Vegetables – Tomato cages work great with pepper plants or cucumbers, bush and pole beans, peas and other “climbers.”

Plant Stand – Turn the cage upside down and bend the wires to hold a pot or bowl.

Bird Bath – Make an inexpensive, garden bird bath. Press the cage into the ground like setting it up to grow tomatoes. Place a lightweight birdbath tray on top of the cage and hot-glue or wire the tray to create a bird bath. Add vine plants around the base for a one-of-a-kind, low cost bird bath.

Critter Protection – Wrap bird netting around them to keep critters from munching on leaves or stick it over any plant, wrap lower part with rabbit/deer proof row cover.

Make Mini Greenhouse – Stick cage in ground around plant, cover it with clear plastic, grow seedlings in it. Protect seedlings from wind by clothes-pinning clear plastic around the bottom third of cage to create a mini greenhouse effect for seedlings planted there.

Protect Late Vegetable Crops – Fill cages with leaves or straw for extra protection of fall and winter crops like cabbage, carrots, or parsnip. The veggies stay toasty warm and can be harvested later into the season. Tender flowers come through cold temperatures just fine.

Portable Row Covers – Place one cage at each end of a row of newly set out seedlings, run string or narrow slats between them and drape an old sheet or other shade cloth over seedlings.

Prevent Animal Trampling – Place a cage over baby seedlings to keep animals like dogs from trampling and deer from nibbling young plants.

Our favorite tip:
Mini Composters And Leaf Collectors – Use the cages to create mini compost bins around the garden. Fill with leaves and veggie scraps to build compost for use later. By Byron Ford on BonniePlants.com2)

Tomato cage leaf composters. Image from

And, if you want to see something really different, how about flattened tomato cages into a windmill?!

Flattened Tomato Cage Wind Turbine

Probably the most unusual usage we’ve seen for tomato cages is this wind turbine.

Wind Turbine Made from:

  • 2  tomato cages
  • 2 fiberglass rods
  • Clear tape plus
  • metal piece of upright (wall) shelf track is at the center

For the DIY tinkerers out there looking to create alternative energy, you might enjoy this 1:25 minutes example.

Now you’d just have to know how to connect it to something for harvesting the energy it generates.

Tomato Cages and So Much More!

So there’s no need to worry about where to store those tomato cages when the tomato growing season is over and you not longer need to tomato stakes. With these ideas, you can put them to good use!

Want more? For over a thousand more ideas for using tomato cages, there’s a Pinterest page to visit for more great ideas with accompanying visuals.3)

For a useful article on building your own tomato cages, you may also enjoy this article.4)

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