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Another Bird Hitting Window Rescue – White Throated Sparrow

If you’ve seen our other posts and videos on the birds we’ve rescued, you’ll know that we live in the woods, which is awesome, except for a few challenges.

When it comes to gardening, our garden is smaller because there are fewer sunny areas plus lots of tree roots. For that, we do well with hugelkultur and straw bale raised beds.

When it comes to wildlife, there’s an issue with birds hitting windows. ?

Sometimes it’s a glancing blow… where they fly away, uninjured. Sometimes it’s fatal, and often they’re just stunned and fly away after a brief recovery period. Our last cardinal suffered a broken collar bone and is still at the vet recovering.

If you haven’t seen those articles and videos yet, we’ll share those article links at the bottom of this. One of the links will include some solutions toward preventing birds hitting windows and one that we’ve implemented. But… we still get a few hits.

This morning it was a beautiful sparrow… already dubbed Jack Sparrow. ?

“Jack Sparrow”, is a white-throated sparrow. Or… as Devani, my daughter, who was holding the bird in the video said after looking it up:

“Zonotrichia albicollis, the fancy way of saying “White Throated Sparrow”… like when you’re at a party sipping on Merlot.”

“‘This weekend I rescued a Zonotrichia Albicollis. Do you even Science?’ sip Merlot
raise eyebrow.” 

(Yes… Devani is an aspiring fiction writer so her quirky humor often shows up in imagined dialogues). ? ?

Our last bird crash was a cardinal that broke his collarbone and is in recovery at a nearby vet. We named him Cardinal Cisco, and he will need about four weeks of recovery there before we can pick him up and release him back into our yard.

Many vets will help injured wildlife for free.

It’s important whenever possible to release the birds where they were found because cardinals do mate for life and do stay with their family flocks.1)

Besides being lovely to look at, cardinals are beneficial birds to have around your yard and garden. Cardinals eat beetles, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, stink bugs, and snails and at least 51 different kinds of insects!

So to attract these lovely songbirds to your yard you might start with a cardinal bird feeder, especially in winter, and a cardinal birdhouse near your garden.

Here are a couple other articles on our bird rescues and remedies for birds crashing into windows.

If you have bird rescue stories and photos you’d like to share, please send them and we’ll be glad to publish it!

Meanwhile… here’s “Jack Sparrow” in recovery… soon to fly off to join his flock and recount an amazing tale of giants who give good back rubs and make funny cooing sounds. ?

This little white throated sparrow recovered from hitting the window and flew away. Yay! Image,


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