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Raised Garden Beds with Style and Function

Unique Raised Beds with Instructions

Whether you buy or build them, raised garden beds have numerous advantages and can be made out of many different materials. What you use and the style you choose just depends on your taste, budget and time available.

As you will see throughout this article, there are many advantages to having raised beds, and we’ll be showing you both options here: Raised garden beds you can buy… and also how to build your own raised bed gardens.

For many people the biggest advantage is that the height makes it easier and less tiring to tend the garden, especially for seniors or those with disabilities. The other big advantage is that you can easily make a garden no matter what type of soil you have.

There are many styles and types of materials for raised garden beds. We have three favorites. The first two for beauty and aesthetics, include natural stone walled beds and the stained wood beds in the first picture below. The third, for how solid and substantial, yet requires no cutting of lumber or nails or screws.

Beautiful Raised Bed Garden: our favorite pick for beauty and functionality.
Mini raised beds. Image by Art and Appetite


Simple interlocking mortarless walls, perfect for creating a partial raised bed garden around a dirt bank.
Fancier stone walls for bigger budgets, can make your garden a part of your outdoor living space.

If you don’t have the time, tools or inclination to make your own, there are many ready-made options, from fabric, to wood, to galvanized metal, to those on legs, such as this one below, which is available on Amazon.

2’ x 8’ Elevated Cedar Planter Box on Amazon
2’ x 8’ Elevated Cedar Planter Box on Amazon

More Benefits of Raised Beds

• Easier maintenance. No tilling is required for a raised bed, and there’s no soil compaction from stepping on the soil.

Easy to get rid of weeds. Keeping weeds away with a raised bed garden is a breeze.

Easy to work with. If you have a raised bed garden, you can work easily, since it doesn’t require you to bend over.

You can build your own soil. Building your own soil and implementing it for specific types of plants is a breeze with raised bed gardens.

Warm soil. The soil in a raised bed garden warms earlier in the spring and it stays warm in the fall longer.

You can see where we tested our straw bale raised bed temperature in this article which we’ll link on the last page too, so you can continue on here first. But keep in mind that straw bales are another relatively easy raised bed option.1)

Your raised beds can serve both form and function and add beauty to your yard and outdoor living areas.

Two Disadvantages of Raised Garden Beds

They need to be built. With all the advantages of raised garden beds, just about the only disadvantage is that they need to be built. You need to invest time and money into the materials and construction.

However the good news is that the materials are typically cheap and raised beds are easy to build, so this really isn’t much of a downside. When it comes to the time involved, you’re going to be investing that in tilling and weeding with traditional gardening.

They need more watering. Another potential downside is that raised beds typically require more watering, but it’s not much of a problem if you remember to water regularly, or better yet, set up a sprinkler on a timer.

Square Foot Gardening

We’ve written about one of the most popular raised gardening methods, Square Foot Gardening or SFG, invented by Mel Bartholomew. If you’re not as familiar with that, we’ll linked to it at the end of this article. What’s important about SFG is that you can grow 100% more vegetables in 20% of the space!! And… this article on different types of raised garden beds and how to build them, will give you some ideas as a good foundation for the SFG article.2)

Building Raised Garden Beds

Find out more by going to SundayGardener.net3)

Next up: Super cool hexagonal raised beds.

Super Cool Hexagonal Raised Bed

Photo by RootSimple.com4)

Using SketchUp5), the free 3d modeling program to design some new raised beds and I didn’t want the usual rectangular configuration thus hexagonal beds.

For photos and to see how built their hexagonal beds head on over to Root Simple.6)

For how-to videos including how to make raised beds from pallets, plastic containers, scroll on down.

More Unique Raised Garden Beds

strawberries in raised beds
Strawberries in raised bed of galvanized steel.

Here we have a raised bed made from galvanized window wells plus raised beds made out of old packing boxes stacked two high that were destined for the dump!

Editor’s Note: We didn’t find a reasonably priced source of large galvanized window wells like those pictured here. If you have ideas on that, please send us a note or post a comment below or on our Facebook page comment stream or private messaging.

packing box beds
Tall raised beds made from packing boxes. These can work if you have a supply of old shipping crates bound for disposal. Otherwise, too expensive to buy wood crates in the US and Canada.
raised bed from tire
Raised beds from old tires. Image from

To learn how to make the raised beds made from old tires visit

The next video shows how to make raised beds from scratch.

How To Start A Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Whoops! Yes… we noticed they got dyslexic on spelling on the cover too… but that’s okay.

We know what they mean and really appreciate their step-by-step how to guide for turning their lawn into an fantastic raised bed garden space.

Whoops! They misspelled “Raised”! 🙂 #Happens!

Keep scrolling for more videos on how-to make raised beds from pallets and plastic containers.
Materials You’ll Need to Build a Raised Garden Bed



For complete instructions go to the 8)

How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed                                        


This next one is very cool and totally doable and creates a virtual tunnel greenhouse.

The Best Raised Bed Garden


How to Build a Raised Bed Garden from Free Plastic Crates

Now for a video with John Kohler of, sharing how you can make an entire raised bed garden out of FREE plastic crates.9)


One of the favorite DIY articles on Gardens All has to do with using old pallets. So next up is how-to make raised beds from pallets.

Building Raised Beds From Reclaimed Pallet Wood


The grand finale of this raised garden beds article is our favorite because you don’t have to saw or measure wood. You just need some cinder blocks and soil.

Raised Bed Gardening Using Cinder Blocks

Lovely lady… lovely raised bed cinder block garden with step-by-step instructions sponsored by Burpee.

A Couple More Examples of Cinder Block Raised Bed Gardening

If you still want more examples or cinder block raised bed gardens, you may enjoy these two examples, though they’re not as complete in terms of how to.

First, see how to build a raised bed from cinder blocks, following by a video on how to enclose it with a hoop house.

Raised Bed Garden Using Cinder Blocks and Hoophouse

Okay! That’s a wrap for now. As you can see, there are many options for making gardening easier and better with some of the raised garden bed options.

You may also be interested in checking out these other articles we mentioned earlier:
Straw Bale Gardening,10) and Square Foot Gardening.11)

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