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Chili Pepper Art and a Sad Story Made Glad Through Gardening

Chili Peppers for Function, Food and Beauty

If you love peppers and hot sauce, you’re not alone. Many people are big fans of hot chili peppers, from connoisseurs who swear they can tell a difference in the numerous types to those who go for the hottest of the hot and like to burn holes in their mouth. Hot sauce and pepper sauce is big business, and chili art is a thing too.

People are as hot about their peppers as their peppers are hot!

For gardeners, peppers are easy to grow indoors as well as out… so you can have fresh peppers year round, plus it’s an attractive plant too.

Our chili peppers have been our most prolific crop, providing us with more hot peppers than we could use, from spring through fall. Not everyone in our family consumes them but we planted extra for the added pest control benefit they provide.

I love the idea of kitchen plants that are actually producing food that can be used in the kitchen for cooking and snacking. My dream home has an attached kitchen greenhouse for doing more of that. For now we have a great kitchen window “greenhouse”.

If you have a window sill, or if you don’t you can install a fluorescent light or grow light over a counter area. Pepper plants are beautiful plants that spice up recipes and salads while adding colorful visual appeal to your home.

If you’re growing your own peppers, that’s great! If not, you may want to. Peppers are easy to grow indoors in the winter for year-round peppers. If you like hot pepper sauce, you can save money by making your own pepper sauce, in just three easy steps, and you can have fun coming up with your own creative variations.

Homemade Hot Pepper Sauce Recipe

  • Clean and poke holes into peppers
  • Place into a jar (whatever size you want)
  • Cover peppers with Apple Cider Vinegar

Let sit in cool dark place for a couple of months. Yes, this is where the patience comes in. BUT… while these are steeping, you can always plant some more pepper plants!


Healing Through Gardening

By Tiffany Glavin

I am a fourth Generation grower, my Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother, Grandmother and my mother were all raised on a farm in central Pennsylvania. The love of cultivating runs deeply in my blood. 

Growing Out of the Void

It took me until my mid-twenties, when I went through a personal struggle to understand my destiny. My Dad died unexpectedly. When my Dad passed, I had a void in my heart, soul and in life. In order to fill that void, I turned to nature.

Pepper garden, pepper art


I began my first garden growing heirloom tomatoes and vegetables.

One morning I woke up and my house was on fire.

Everything I worked for was gone. All I had left was my family and my garden. This created a deeper desire within my soul to not be dependent on material possessions, but to lean on what is more natural. I realized that gardening was a way to feel one with Mother Nature and to provide for my family.


Garden-cabbage, peppers


To see Tiffany’s beautiful pepper art and get inspired!

The Pepper Art Queen

I was drawn to organic gardening because I was worried that the pesticides and chemicals would harm my premature daughter and young son. I began experimenting with peppers. I fell in love with the many varieties, appearances and flavors.


Pepper art


When it was time to harvest, I began to display my peppers in an art form that I now call “Pepper Art”. The more art I created the more I was drawn to this expressive form. My love of peppers has sparked my creative soul. From there, I was driven to create my own unique line of pepper products.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For market gardeners, this may give you some ideas for displaying your peppers at market.


pepper art, the pepper queen,

In 2016 my goal is to expand my line of products, my business and make my unique line available to the public.


Editor’s Note: We love stories like Tiffany’s, where her journey naturally led her to do more of what she’s doing. Entrepreneurship is like a garden… we see how things grow and take it from there, and inevitably one thing leads to another. We look forward to following Tiffany’s journey and wish her the best in her endeavors.

Tiffany Glavin is a mother of two children, fourth generation gardener, and pepper artists!  She creates beautiful images with the assorted peppers she harvests.  You can follow Tiffany AKA “Pepper Art Queen” on Facebook, her Etsy Store, and Instagram for more Pepper Art and updates about her products and business.  

 Editor’s Note: After publishing Tiffany’s story, we’ve discovered just how passionate many people are over peppers. Chili peppers are a very hot topic! ? So we’ve searched out some resources to spice things up a bit more.


Hot Destinations — for Chili Pepper Fans

Among our fellow gardeners, there are many who are really into growing peppers. Mostly the hot ones. Like deep into the whole capsicum thing. Many have exchanged information in cross talks on our threads. Since growing these peppers has been quite the, ahem,  “hot topic”,  we thought tracking down and publishing links of go to resources might be helpful.

Here’s a list of top organizations that are dedicated to spreading education for hot peppers and how to grow them, as well as offering seeds and other items to assist in growing chilies.

The Chile Pepper Institute

The Chile Pepper Institute is the only international, non-profit organization devoted to education and research related to Capsicum, or chili peppers.1)


The Chileman

They say this is the home of the world’s most comprehensive, fully illustrated chili database.2)


Pepper Joe’s

Nominated for ‘Worlds most Influential Pepper Grower'3)


World of Chilis

World of Chillies stocks everything from chilli plants and plugs, gifts for chefs, sauces for chilli heads, as well as dried chillies, spice mixes and chili hampers. They also have a wealth of practical information for growing and lots of interesting chili news

This site also has a World of Chilis ChiliClub that has loads of information available.

You may also enjoy this article on making your own Fire Cider.

Visit our Facebook and let us know your favorite peppers to grow, and if you have any groups or sites you’d like us to add to this list.

If you love peppers and hot sauce, you're not alone. Many people are big fans of hot chili peppers, from connoisseurs who swear they can tell a difference in the numerous types to those who go for the hottest of the hot and like to burn holes in their mouth. Hot sauce and pepper sauce is big business, and chili art is a thing too.

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