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Top Gifts for Gardeners and Plant Lovers

Gardener’s Wish List

If you’re looking for gifts ideas for those plant lovers in your life we’ve a great list of possibilities for gardeners. No matter the occasion, gardeners always love receiving anything to do with gardens, gardening, plants, planting and nature.

We love tools and gadgets that make gardening easier or the garden itself more abundant or beautiful. Take a look at our list of wish list items that make wonderful gifts for the gardeners and green thumbs in your life.

Gifts for Gardeners

Practical Gardening Gifts for Women

No matter whether the women in your life have just started taking an interest in gardening, most women who love plants and gardening also love plant and garden related gifts.

Surprise her with a complete gardening tool set that includes all the basics she needs. These include the following hand tools:

As you shop, you’ll find that some kits come with cute, useful carrying cases and even additional pieces. There are also many kits designed with sweet and feminine details that are sold as gardening tool sets for women with a flair for flowers.

How to tell when she needs new tools?

  • She doesn’t have a complete set
  • Her tools show signs of rust
  • She has repaired them (look for electrical tape or duct tape on the handles)
  • You see loose or wobble handles or grips
  • They’ve lost their sharp edges

OR, if you have access to her tool shed with time to spare, you could secretly work on cleaning and maintaining her tools, including sharpening and sanding any rusty tools. This would be a wonderful labor of love if you can swing it.

You could even get a gift bucket and place all the cleaning and maintenance supplies in it where it’s ready to go in one place with a cleaning bucket included.

Buying gifts for gardeners who are more experienced is another matter altogether.

If the woman on your gift list has epic gardening skills, you face a challenge. She has all the tools she needs. You can’t shop the garden center for her, because she wants to select her favorite plants carefully, and she knows what tools she wants and needs.

I know the struggle of shopping for this gardener firsthand. My mom has been gardening since childhood, and she has everything under the sun. Instead of tools, I usually treat her to some new garden accessories, such as garden decor, plants, decorative pots, and even plant seeds.

Beautiful Garden and Home Decor Gifts for Her

Below are ten wildly popular gardening gifts for women:

1. Solar lights: She will love to decorate the walkways with lights.

2. Garden bench: Encourage her to relax and enjoy her creation! Every garden needs a place to sit, reflect and admire the labor of love.

3. Garden Journal: From fanciful to practical, journals are lovely “tools” for writing thoughts, ideas, and planting details to remember.

4. Elegant yard sculpture: She might like a metal sculpture or even a statue. She apparently can’t have too many! 😉
We have many favorites in the Regal Art & Gift collection.

5. Garden gnomes: These are so funny and cute, she’ll get a giggle out of that. (Now… you KNOW this is one of our favorites… given our GardensAll logo!) Subsequently, it seems we’ve begun a gnome collection!

garden gnomes’s garden gnomes… the 3 gnombres!

6. Fairy garden accessories: If she has a fairy garden, she’ll appreciate the opportunity to add to her collection. We love all kinds of fairy decor. This year these tree attachments and fairy statues have captured our interest.

7. Funny gardening gifts: Think of cute items like humorous garden plaques or tee-shirts with funny gardening sayings.

8. Garden fountain: Allow her to relax and enjoy the gentle gurgling sound in beautiful weather.

9. Wind chimes: She will enjoy the melody. We enjoy bamboo wind chimes as we’ve written about here.

10. Bird feeders: of any kind are great. Here’s more about the GardensAll Hummingbird feederWindow bird feeders are a favorite of gardeners in winter and an excellent gift for any bird-watcher.

11. Artistic Solar Light: We originally bought this beautiful garden light as a gift for a friend, and then decided it was so pretty we wanted one too! We didn’t know the lights changed color at night so here’s a video of it in action:

BONUS GALS GIFT: Our most consistently popular gift for women (and men) has been rain chains, which you can see more about in this article, including a video of ours at GardensAll.

Great Gardening Gifts for Him

In many families, the woman of the house isn’t the only gifted gardener… in fact, sometimes hubby is the main gardener. In many cases, he takes as much pride in the lush, green lawn as Mom does in her pursuit of perfect peonies. (Ahem… and it may be the riding lawnmower that he loves most)!

So, what does Dad really need? In my own house, my hubby and I vie for space in the shed. I love to garden, and he likes to help me with the pruning.

However, he’s also an avid woodworker. Unfortunately, my abundance of gardening tools takes over his space and leaves him frustrated when he wants to work on one of his own projects.

If this sounds like your guy’s dilemma, think about innovative ways to help him organize all those garden tools.

Gardening gifts for men don’t need to be all about tools and storage, though! Treat him to the presents that will help him enjoy the fruits of all his hard labor. Show dear Dad you care by encouraging him to take time out to relax!

You’ll look like a gift-giving genius when you try some of these gardening gifts for him.

Top 10 Backyard Gift Ideas for Men

1. Hanging tool storage rack: This helps dad take back floor space in his workshop.

2. Pruner Shears: we favor Felco, you can see more in this article

3. Propane fire pit: It’s a gift that will be appreciated on chilly evenings.

4. Grilling tools – a completely new set of grilling tools.

5. Grilling apron with a funny quote.

6. Hori-Hori gardening knife: This knife is an all-purpose tool that’s great all around the yard. It tackles tasks from weed removal to limb trimming.

7. Battery-powered backpack sprayer: A battery-powered sprayer makes hard jobs more manageable.

8. Cordless Pole saw for safer dead limb removal.

9. Retractable 50-foot extension cord on a reel: This is a super convenient, mess-free way to rethink outdoor extension cords.

10. Lawn aerator tool: If Dad loves the look of a thick, luxurious lawn, this will help him achieve that goal.

BONUS GUYS GIFT: You’d probably never guess the current number one seller on Amazon in the gardening category. It’s both hilarious and ingenuous!! The Bug-A-Salt. Wow! It apparently works as well because it’s had tons of fantastic reviews.

Gardening Gifts for Kids

Do you know some little ones who love to “help” in the garden? Encourage that curiosity and the instinct to explore by choosing the perfect gardening gifts for kids.

Little hands require little tools. Not only do child-sized tools and gardening accessories fit their fingers better, but they are also free of sharp edges. Plus, they won’t have the opportunity to lose Mom’s tools!

Top 10 Gardening Gifts for Children

  1. Kid-friendly gardening hand tool set: Not only is this useful in the garden, but it will also work in the sandbox or at the beach.
  2. Themed garden kit: Get them started early! Themed garden kits allow little gardeners to learn about science as they grow their own edible gardens. Varieties include herb gardens and pizza gardens.
  3. Patio table set: Let the little ones kick back with Mom in their very own seat sized just for them!
  4. Shovel and rake set: The kiddos will look forward to helping you rake grass clippings to jump into when they have their own shovel and rake. Because they are made especially for kids, there aren’t sharp parts to worry you.
  5. Fairy garden: Let children dream of fairies in their very own backyard by giving them a fairy garden.
  6. Dinosaur garden: If your loved one prefers dinosaurs to fairies, purchase little dinosaur toys and let them create their own spin on a fairy garden. Instead of tiny houses, let them build caves out of small rocks in the garden.

gifts for gardeners


Unleash the imagination in young gardeners.

  • Leather gardening gloves: Give the gift of real leather gloves, just like Mom and Dad have!
  • Stepping stone kit: The littlest family members can add their own mark to the garden by creating a custom-made stepping stone
  • Bulb garden gift: Older kids will enjoy conducting a mini-science project by growing a flower from a bulb indoors during the winter. It instills a love of growing things.
  • Root-viewing planter: Children are fascinated by growing things. A root-viewing planter is a fun way to keep them engaged as they learn about growing plants. They will literally be able to watch their plants take root.

Gardeners Love Earthy, Practical and Whimsical Gifts

So it turns out that buying gifts for gardeners isn’t so difficult after all, even for ye ole frugal gardeners!

Gardeners love gifts like humorous or inspiring garden signs, and they also enjoy practical and down-to-earth gifts like soil and composters, because well, a gardener is all of those things: earthy, practical, whimsical and dreamy.


…Earthy, they dig dirt.
…Lofty, they love sun and sky.
…Whimsical, loving rainbows and butterflies.
…Artists, painting yards with flowers.
…Dreamers, their garden is their Eden.
…Poets, creating poetry with plants.
…Optimists, loving seeds of possibility to life.
…Creators most of all, co-creating with The Creator.

~LeAura Alderson,

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Gardeners are… by LeAura Alderson for

The Best Time for Gardening Gifts?

Anytime. Truly. Even in the winter when snowflakes start to fall, it doesn’t mean that gardeners don’t want to receive gifts for their garden. In fact, they will appreciate the kind thoughts that went into these meaningful gifts.

You see, hand tools might not seem very personal to you, but to a gardener, they’re everything!  Garden gifts show the recipient just how much you care about their interests in gardening. And that care from you is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

No matter the season, gardeners are always growing.

Anytime. Truly. Even in the winter when snowflakes start to fall, it doesn't mean that gardeners don't want to receive gifts for their garden. In fact, they will appreciate the kind thoughts that went into these meaningful gifts.  #Gardening #Tips #Ideas #Art #Decorations #Men #Women #Homemade #DIYGarden #VegetableGarden #RaisedBeds #GiftForGardeners #Christmas #GardenerGift

Favorite Gifts from the GardensAll Community

More than a few GardensAll community members have shared that gifts like a truckload of soil or mulch… or a composting tumbler have been some of their favorite gifts to receive!

For more ideas, please check out this article on food dehydrators and this one on our favorite garden tools and hacks.

And remember, the garden plant and seed catalogs begin arriving around Christmas and are in full force beginning in January when gardeners have the time indoors for spring dreaming and garden planning.

To receive a garden gift is to warm the heart and stir the imagination with dreams of spring and growing things, no matter the time of year.

Let us know your favorites—either from this list or your other faves—and we’ll add them here.


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