Super Simple Worm Bins You Can Make

Shannon Black has it going on!

When we shared an article on vermiculture1) on the Gardens All Facebook Page, Shannon posted some great comments that sparked a lengthy Facebook conversation and her posting her pictures.

This may sound geeky but we love this kind of thing! Members of the Gardens All community sharing their knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm for aspects of gardening in which their knowledge runs deep.

Some of you have been doing all this longer than we have, bigger than we have and more than we have. So when we can share experience and expertise from amongst you, all the better!

That’s certainly the case with Shannon Black. Shannon loves worms and she’s created her own worm “farm” that’s serving her garden.


Here are excerpts from our Facebook conversation with Shannon Black:

Shannon: Love my worms… I have tons. I harvest them and made a ten gallon to feed them kitchen scraps. Then, I make my own homemade compost & worm castings tea for the garden.

Gardens All Excellent. Did you start by buying a box of worms? It’s pretty cool that you can actually buy worms on Amazon! Seems like that’s the best way to get a jumpstart on the worm population.Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 5.38.57 PM

Shannon: First batch a couple years ago, I harvested from my compost pile. I supplement on occasion with a box from the nursery or cup from the bait shop. Just be sure to get “red wigglers” not regular earthworms. (Mostly just to vary the genetic lines a bit.)

“Making a worm bin is super easy.”

For Shannon’s pictures and layering details, visit page 2.

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