Get more for less with a little planning.

“It cost us more to grow our tomatoes than if I would’ve bought a few bushels to can from the Farmer’s Market.” David, our plumber said as he was replacing our well pump.1)

David was discouraged that they had put so much time and money into growing tomatoes, only to end up with a disappointing yield. We didn’t get into all the details of what they did or didn’t do for their tomato crop that might’ve made a difference, but we totally understand the feeling.

Beginning gardeners often get discouraged when they realize that gardening is not as simple as planting seeds and ending up with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. Gardening definitely takes work—and money—in the form of fertilizers (or compost that you build up over time), soil amendments, row covers, hoses, mulch, tools, etc.

But there are ways to set up your garden to take less time and less money. AND, the good news, is that with some simple organic strategies:

Gardening costs diminish each year while yields increase.

Editor’s Note: When we shared this article on the Gardens All Facebook page, several folks commented that they’re already doing this. I.e., this $0 gardening is already working for them! Yahoo! So we’ve posted some of these comments at the end of the last page, for you to enjoy…. and to see that this is totally realistic for all of us. But first, let’s learn more from some seasoned pros!

We enjoyed reading this article from blogger, master gardener and landscape artist, Claire Jones. Claire has done it all and shares the best tips from her 30 years of gardening experience.

So let’s get into it!

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